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The Wind Farm Simulator SCADA is an application developed to be executed in the LdP framework, designed to create a virtual environment to practice with the SCADA system in a generic Wind Farm, and to learn about all concepts required to operate and maintain a Wind Farm. Including:

  • What are the characteristics of the Electric Grid that influence and conditions the operations of the Wind Farm.
  • The wind forecasts and production planned.
  • The relationship of the Wind Farm with the Electric Grid.
  • The layout of the Wind Turbines in the territory, and their power connections with the Electric Substation.
  • The elements of the Substation.
  • The environmental conditions station of the Wind Farm.
  • The functionalities of the Control Center SCADA and its data connections with the Wind Turbines.

The graphical design of this application ease the comprehesion of all these concepts, and the interactivity to exercises the SCADA functionalities.