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Automated Computing Machinery SL


In ACM SL we develop and provide technical support for didactic material based on Simulators for different industrial markets.

With long experience in the Wind Energy sector (since 2001), we offer our “Wind Farm Simulator” line of Real Time Simulators and Tutorials for Wind Turbine technologies and Wind Farm SCADA systems, as well as specialized training support (Training for Trainers, SCADA data analysis)

With a proven experience in the development of Instrumentation and Control devices, we develop and manufacture specialized hardware tailored to specific tasks, such as “Condition Monitoring systems“, dataloggers, test jigs, etc.

Wind Farm SCADA

To learn about the concepts and functionalities involved in the SCADA systems of Wind Farms

Wind Turbine Simulators

The Wind Farm Simulator suite include Real Time Simulators specialized for each of the most common families of Wind Turbines in the market.

Drive Train analysis

To understand the interelations between the different elements of the Drive Train

Back-to-Back converters in DFIGs

To understand the complex relationships between the Induction Generator and the Back-to-Back converter in Doubly Fed Induction Generator Wind Turbines (DFIGs)

Simulator - Trainer for BONUS 1300 Wind Turbine

This Simulator includes a real Controller for the BONUS 1300 Wind Turbine, specially designed instrumentation and Human Machine Interface software to act as Trainer for this Wind Turbine.