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We offer:

  • Teaching material specialized in the components and subsystems used in wind turbines, based on the use of Real Time Simulators.
    With them you can observe the behavior of the different components of a wind turbine, and the wind turbine itself as an electrical production plant, both in normal work situations (according to specifications), and in exceptional situations (eg, with hurricane winds). , electrical phase faults, high temperatures, etc.), and also in fault conditions of its components (shovel angle control system, guidance system, hydraulic system, electrical system, etc.)
  • Specialized tutorials about the didactic material.
    These tutorials explain, in a very didactic way, the physical principles that intervene in the operation of a wind turbine, and industrial information is given on said components.
  • Training courses, especially “Training of Trainers” courses.
    Our courses have been designed to complement other training (eg on safety in work at height, or “hands-on”), and are supported by the use of our simulators and tutorials to facilitate the understanding of concepts and behaviors. Our material is complemented with videos, ppts, and other didactic materials (see Videos)

In Main considerations for training in wind turbine technologies has an introduction to the principles used in our training proposal.

Directed to:

  • Maintenance and Operation Personnel in Wind Farms.
  • Vocational Training students.
  • Engineering students with specialization in Wind Energy.
  • Wind Farm Managers.


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