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DFIGB2B is an application developed to facilitate the study of the complex relationships between the Back-to-Back Converter and the Induction Generator in Wind Turbines with Doubly Fed Induction Generator (DFIGs).

It allows for the introduction of actual Generator parameters (stator inductance and resistance, rotor inductance and resistance, mutual inductance, number of magnetic poles, frequency of operation), and the seting of:

  • Mechanical Torque applied to the rotor axis or the Mechanical Power and the rotational speed of the rotor axis.
  • The Power Factor of the generated power.
  • The Grid voltage.

and computes, in real time, and present graphically the following magnitudes:

  • Current, Voltage and Power in: stator, rotor, Grid side of the Back-to-Back converter, with magnitude and phase.
  • Magentic flux due to the rotor and stator power.
  • The frequency of the rotor current.
  • The electrical losses in the Generator.

It includes an integrated spread sheet that facilitates the recording of parameters and input and output data.

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