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In Photovoltaic plants, what happens in the down and sunsets? How many times the Inverters go in and out of production?

Whenever the light level is near the Inverter’s threshold for getting in production or out of production, little variations of the light (due to moving clouds, for example) force many entries and exits of production: this is bad for the operational life of the Inverter. Also, it happens where the production is low, making less interesting the entry in production.

How is the behavior of the Inverters to sudden changes in the Grid voltages? What about short time drops?

Legislation enforces that generated power must continue when short Grid voltage drops disappears: those short drops (typically in the 1 second range) do pose strong requirements on the Inverters, reducing their life expectancy.

Our ECF (Photovoltaic Characterization Equipment) uses the same technology of the DL1300, combined with high resolution Grid monitoring system, to log data of a complete Photovoltaic Plant o for just one Inverter.

Equipo Caracterización Inversores Fotovoltaicos

Equipo Caracterización Inversores Fotovoltaicos