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Due diligence for Wind Farms

 When it is necessary to know the current state of a wind farm for financial purposes, it is not enough to do an in-depth inspection of wind turbines (situation “as is”), it is also necessary to analyze the history of each wind turbine. This is because the actual state of key components, such as gearboxes, or rotor bearings, cannot easily be deduced from a short-term inspection. And these components have a very important influence on the economic valuation of these assets.

You can use the data recorded in the SCADA to get a first idea of that state. But unfortunately, these data are aggregated, typically in intervals of 2 to 10 minutes, and therefore finding evidence of early failure requires experience and a deep understanding of the behavior of these key components.

 ACM SL offers tools and services for the analysis of SCADA data, as well as specialized dataloggers that record the internal sensor values of the wind turbines, for sufficiently long periods, to reach meaningful conclusions.