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Desktop Organizer

An alternative to a Desktop full of icons.

The shortcuts or direct access to the Windows Desktop is a very good idea to have fast and easy access to applications and documents. Yet, when its number is high, this advantage is lost, due to the lack of facilities to find a particular entree.

The ACMSL Desktop Organizer application is an alternative to the Windows Desktop to solve this problem, in addition to facilitating access to the documents of a Project, and to create teaching materials.

Instead of associating a document with an icon, such as in the Windows Desktop, in the Desktop Organizer it is associated with a name, which can be as long as you want. The documents are grouped into Projects; and within a project in Groups, which correspond to concepts or sections or phases of the project. This name does not have to match the real name of the document or application, it can be another that is more significant.

In addition, and very important, the documents may have comments with significant information within the project. Finally, each document can have associated a number of labels, which are used for classification. Comments are HTML texts, which may contain images, external links, etc.

In the video below you have a presentation describing the main features and a case study of how to quickly “clean” your desktop.

The user interface automatically adapts to the language being used: in Spanish, English, French, Italian, German and Portuguese.

It does not require installation.

Totally free.

Access to the manual.

The comments may contain images.

The coments may combine HTML elements, such as title of the page, hyperlinks, and images.

Options may be found using their associated labels, through the "labels tree".

The application remembers the last executed Options.

Example of configuration prepared for launching a conference or course

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